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It’s no secret that eating enough protein throughout the day is important for maintaining our overall health. After all, protein is a macronutrient that helps repair muscles, support immune function, and balance hormones. Although we may prioritize protein in our meals, when it comes to snacks, it can be easy to overlook. Speaking from experience, nothing is worse than that midday slump during your work day. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you have a protein-packed snack on hand to keep you fueled.

As a registered dietitian, I choose snacks that contain at least 5 grams of protein and pair them with higher fiber options like nuts, seeds and vegetables. For higher protein options, choosing foods with 10-15 grams of protein will keep you satisfied and help you meet your protein goals to build muscle, support metabolism, and support hormonal health . Keep reading for 15 protein-rich foods you can buy today.

Morgan Tarmann, MS, RD, LDN

Morgan Tarmann is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Nutrition and Wellness from Bradley University. She has been writing for The Everygirl since 2022.

Trader Joe’s

Deli turkey is a lean meat that makes a great protein snack. When shopping for deli meats, choose a product with fewer ingredients, such as Trader Joe’s. Grab slices of turkey and roll them up with your favorite cheese (for added protein!) or pair them with slices of avocado for heart-healthy fats.


Coming in a variety of flavors, Cheese Whisps are a crunchy alternative to traditional crackers. With most flavors having just one ingredient (surprise, it’s cheese), they provide 13 grams of protein in a serving, making them a great stand-alone snack option that can also be paired with fruit or a handful of nuts.


If you’re looking for another tasty and crunchy snack option with higher protein, look no further than roasted chickpeas. One serving provides 6 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber to aid digestion. For added protein, combine this snack with roasted edamame for a delicious plant-based snack mix.

Eating bird feed

Chia seed pudding is easy to make and requires only two ingredients: chia seeds and milk of choice. Soy or cow’s milk will provide more protein (about 8 grams) per serving, although any base that fits your dietary needs will work. Along with protein, chia seeds are a nutrient-dense food that provides heart-healthy fats and fiber that help lower cholesterol and improve gut health. You can buy it already prepared, or to make your own chia seed pudding, follow this recipe.

Cookie and Kate

Tofu is a versatile plant-based snack option that you can customize in a variety of ways. A 3-ounce serving contains 9 grams of protein, and you can bake it ahead of time to enjoy on the go or at work.

Good culture

You know her, you love her, she’s curd. Curd has made quite a comeback this year (thanks, TikTok), and for good reason. This versatile snack can be eaten plain or topped with berries, cucumbers and tomatoes or nuts. Good Culture is a brand I always turn to because of the minimal ingredients and live, active cultures to support gut health. Not to mention, one serving of their original cottage cheese has 14 grams of protein.


If you’re looking for a filling snack that contains heart-healthy fats, I suggest pairing a packet of tuna with your favorite vegetables, such as carrots, cucumber slices, or cherry tomatoes. Coming in a variety of flavors, these tuna packets have anywhere from 12-18 grams of protein.

Chicken of the sea

If tuna isn’t your thing, may I suggest the salmon wrap? This pre-prepared salmon has 13 grams of protein, and you can easily eat it wrapped in Bibb lettuce or whole-grain croutons.


Greek yogurt is an excellent protein-rich snack option, ranging from 10-15 grams of protein per serving. When choosing a Greek yogurt, look for brands that have less added sugar. Or, better yet, buy it plain and flavor it with honey or maple syrup for a little added sweetness. I like to top it with fruit like berries (added vitamin C!), pomegranate seeds, or flaked coconut.


For me, snacking on nuts and cheese feels like my personal charcuterie board. And who doesn’t want a little romance in the middle of the work day? For convenience, you can buy these pre-portioned meal packs that serve up to 8 grams of protein. But if you’re looking to save a little money, you can also buy your favorite nuts in bulk and pair them with your favorite cheese.


A portable plant-based protein option, Koia protein shake boasts 18 grams of protein and is also dairy and gluten free. This drink also contains prebiotic fiber, making it a good choice for your gut too! As a more cost-effective alternative, you can make your own plant-based protein smoothie with your own vegan protein powder.


Chomps Meat Sticks are lower in sodium than typical cereal, have zero sugar and provide up to 10 grams of protein per serving. For a complete snack, combine one with a boiled egg.

Fuel for Fire

This fruit and protein smoothie bag is a great on-the-go option. Each bag contains 10 grams of protein, making it an easy pre- or post-workout snack.


Another reliably useful protein option is RXBAR Protein Bars. Their bars contain minimal ingredients and pack 12 grams of protein per bar. Plus, they contain less added sugar than your typical grab-and-go bar.

Marine Farms

One serving of this plant-based snack contains 14 grams of protein, making it a solid protein-rich snack to eat on its own. If you don’t want to buy roasted edamame, you can make your own with this recipe.

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