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An iridology specialist is encouraging people across the Pembina Valley to live their lives naturally… one small change at a time.

Rachel Blatz is an iridologist and owner of Soul Iris in Winkler, a health store with so much more.

“Soul Iris is a product of my mission to empower local people to take charge of their own health,” shares Blatz. “I wanted it to be a safe space. Cheers. Healing. These are things that are very important to me.

Iridology is the study of body function through the examination of the eye, and the name Soul Iris reflects this focus.

“Irises are the windows to the soul,” adds Blatz. “I feel like everything can be represented within irises, so much information that can be shared with people.”

She describes an iridology appointment:

“So basically, I take a picture of your irises and together we go to the areas that I see that could use a little support. Whether it’s your organs, your lymphatic system, your digestive system. And then we discuss possible add-ons that might help. We also discuss dietary and lifestyle changes that can be made. It’s a whole lifestyle discussion, really, where we help you make better decisions about your health.”

the iris of the soul Blatz serves her clients at Soul Iris. Photo, Tori Janzen.

Blatz shares that the most prominent issues she’s seeing these days have to do with hormones in women and digestive issues in children. She finds that children are the easiest clients to work with, as correction is much easier the younger you are, and results appear faster in children.

Additional services at Soul Iris include reflexology, massage and bioresonance. Bioresonance therapy is a way of processing electromagnetic frequencies inside the human body using a medical device called Rayonex.

“We are electric beings. We emit frequencies all the time. This machine taps into those frequencies and facilitates healing.” Blatz elaborates. “If there’s cellular damage, bacteria, viruses, it emits a different frequency than, say, a healthy cell.”

All three service providers work together, tailoring plans that best suit each individual.

“The perfect customer, I think, is someone who is willing to listen and make the necessary changes.” She continues. “It doesn’t have to be a drastic change – reducing the amount of pop they drink, eating breakfast, eating more vegetables. They don’t necessarily have to, you now, take all the supplements I recommend, as long as they’re willing to listen to me, and come here with an open mind. Being willing to listen and take what they’ve learned to heart is so valuable.”

Beyond individual meetings, everyone is welcome to enter the Soul Iris store. Here, the shelves are stocked with loose leaf teas, bulk herbs that make your own blends, supplements, foods, protein powders, probiotics, cosmetics, hygiene products, pet health products and much more… all with zero fragrances added. The energy throughout the space is a simple calmness.

“People seem relaxed when they walk in – the first thing they usually comment on is how nice the place smells!”

Fan favorites include vitamins, immune support products, and mushroom supplements. Blatz notes that there wasn’t much information to be found locally about mushroom supplements, and she’s happy to fill that void. Probiotics are also popular, especially with people who experience bowel and intestinal disorders, as well as anyone not taking antibiotics.

“These things don’t necessarily solve the problem,” admits Blatz. “But they help activate your body’s own healing mechanisms.”

The most surprising section, Blatz has learned, is her pet stock. Natural food, treats and even medicine for pets have made it a go-to place for those who need extra support for their pets.

“When they stumble upon it, they’re pleasantly surprised,” she notes. “I’ve had a lot of people come in with questions about pet separation anxiety or UTIs. And so they’re really happy to see that there are options here for those things.”

As a dog mom, Blatz prefers to treat her pets as naturally as possible. Her favorites are probiotics, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

“I also carry a lot of pet soothing products,” she shares. “Animals at this time are exposed to different things, just like us. So there is a lot of need for supplements. I have a very anxious dog myself and there are so many products here that have helped him tremendously.”

Fully aware that unfamiliar terminology and the uniqueness of these products and services can create hesitation, Blatz emphasizes that every interaction at Soul Iris is low pressure and that the first step is a simple conversation between two people who understand the importance of balance full body. .

“There are no wrong questions to ask – we just really like working with people.”

For more information about Soul Iris and how they can help you, stop by their store at Unit 1 385 Mountain Avenue in Winkler, or visit them on Instagram: @soul.iris.winkler.

All photos provided by Tori Janzen.

the iris of the soul Appears in Soul Iris. Photo, Tori Janzen.

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