The man suffered serious consequences after taking 1,176 ibuprofen tablets in one month

A man suffered serious consequences after taking over 1,000 ibuprofen tablets in one month.

It can be easy to reach for pain relievers when you suffer from a persistent and painful condition.

But it’s important to be aware of when you should stop taking them and seek medical advice instead.

Taking too much can cause damage to your health, as one man unfortunately discovered after taking 1,176 ibuprofen tablets in one month.

One man took 1,176 pills in one month (Getty Stock Photo)

One man took 1,176 pills in one month (Getty Stock Photo)

The case was discussed on YouTube channel @chubbyemu, where viewers heard about 34-year-old ‘SB’, who was a keen runner.

As a result of his hobby, SB often suffered from a great deal of aches and pains.

Seeking to remedy this, he took some pills to relieve his pain, but drastically misunderstood the directions and dosage.

SB started popping seven ibuprofen over a 24-hour period and felt like a new man – but he became very reliant on the drug and ended up swallowing multiple tablets at once.

For several weeks, he was consuming up to 28 tablets a day, which is far more than the recommended adult dose of one or two 200mg tablets, three times a day.

SB continued to do this until one day he swallowed a handful of ibuprofen and realized they didn’t seem to go all the way down as he complained they felt ‘stuck in his chest’.

His condition took a turn when he started experiencing sharp chest pains – but instead of seeking help, he consumed even more to help with the pain.

He also started tasting blood, vomiting blood and his stool was disturbingly dark.

Eventually, he went to the hospital after having difficulty urinating and experiencing dizziness, pain and fatigue.

Doctors noticed that he was extremely pale, his blood pressure dropped when he stood up, and his heart rate was through the roof.

SB was getting up to 28 a day (Getty Stock Photo)

SB was getting up to 28 a day (Getty Stock Photo)

They also found that he was experiencing hematemesis, which suggests a patient is bleeding internally and vomiting blood as a result.

Further tests revealed that excessive use of ibuprofen had caused ulcers in his esophagus and his stomach to bleed, in addition to the fact that his kidneys were failing.

Doctors had to perform emergency dialysis treatment to fix SB’s kidneys, as well as cauterization to stop the bleeding.

Thankfully, he made a full recovery.

According to the NHS, you should always follow the advice of your doctor or pharmacist and the instructions that come with your medicine.

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